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Foundational Science Areas

Interdisciplinary approach to climate science


Foundational Science Areas

Overview of the three foundational science areas

The North Central Climate Science Center efforts have been framed as a Resource for Vulnerability, Adaptation, and Mitigation Planning (ReVAMP).  The ReVAMP concept will serve as a centralizing theme to coordinate research done through the NC CSC and will also provide the mechanism by which the NC CSC can help serve stakeholder needs.  The research efforts of the University Consortium are organized around three foundation research themes, which are meant to form an integrated approach to inform resource managers and researcher in our region:

  • Climate Drivers: Understanding and quantifying drivers of regional climate changes.
  • Impact Analysis: Assessing impacts of climate change on the natural resources of the region and the resulting vulnerability of social-ecological system components.
  • Adaptation: Characterizing adaptive capacity of communities and natural resources.

These Foundational Science Areas have been established to provide an integrated science delivery to scientific and management communities across our region. The science areas will help inform managment; while input from stakeholders will ensure that the NC CSC focuses on management-relevant science issues (represented in the figure below).  The overall goal of the ReVAMP activity is to develop a platform to enhance integration across the foundational areas and to facilitate the synthesis and integration of the resulting research into management tools to guide the response to climate change effects on natural resources in our region. 

For more information, refer to the 2012 implementation plan and the 2013 work plan for the foundational science areas.