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ReVAMP Funded Projects

Surrogate species for wetland-dependent birds in the prairie pothole region: selection, evaluation, and management application in the face of climate change

We will test whether waterfowl are effective representatives, or surrogates, for other wetland-­dependent birds by predicting how climate change will affect habitat suitability for waterfowl and other species. We will also consider how climate change is likely to affect land-­‐use patterns and agricultural conversion risk, and use these predictions to identify areas of the landscape where both waterfowl and other species are expected to have suitable habitat in the future.

Natural Resource Management Decision-Making under Climate Uncertainty: Building Social-Ecological Resilience in Southwestern Colorado

To help human and natural communities cope with climate change, this project will create opportunities for scientists, land managers, and affected residents to learn from each other and identify actions that each can take individually or collectively to reduce the negative impacts of climate change in the San Juan and Gunnison Basins, Colorado.